360 HDRI creation / by Mark Edwards

I spoilt myself and brought a Nodal Ninja for Xmas :)

It's so much easier than using a normal tripod, This was a challenging shot to get as an HRDI for lighting, I'm still not 100% happy with it but it works, I need to do another version where I'm not directly under the main light for more interesting shadows!.

If you want to have a play, I've made a scaled down 4k version available for download here I have it up to around 20k resolution so if yo did find it useful and wanted a larger version I'm sure we could work something out!  Although scaled down the 4k version has full dynamic range, my camera shoots around 13 stops raw and I took an additional 13 1 ev shots above that so you can actually see the bulbs in the lights.  

If you just want to have a play in a 360 viewer you can download this jpg but don't use this for IBL lighting use the exr file above.

And if all else fails and you just want to have a real time look I've got it hosted on www.360cities.net as well.

Very much work in progress but this is how you can use it to light a 3d world.