Trying a new video workflow on my GH4 / by Mark Edwards

The Panasonic GH4 is, just amazing, love mine, for what I do.

I've been trying some different workflows for filming with it, and this one looks interesting.

In dvxuser, Balazer has created a set of LUT's that take Cinelike D footage and map it into log colour space and mapping the GH4's colours to a more accurate natural representation then applying another LUT to bring the log colour space back into rec709 range for delivery.

It's not creating a specific "film look" you can do that after if desired, it's creating a natural accurate base to work from.

I shot the test footage below (horses of cause!) and used Sony Vegas 13 + DaVinci resolve 12 to make the conversion, apart from a very slight brightness tweak it's as shot with the LUT's applied.

I chose some scenes that were tricky. Deliberately clipped the tiny little holes with light behind on the first shot, but like how the cobweb came out, and the skylight on the second shot came out well also I think + green, red , blue primary colours in last shot look how I remember them as well. Obviously usual youtube caveats apply.

To my eye it looks pretty natural, see what you think!

Lenses were Panasonic Leica 15mm & 25mm