GH4 + Joby GorillaPod / by Mark Edwards

After reading a few posts where people had been using these as a simple rig for hand held I got a GorillaPod SLR + Ball head to use as a simple rig for stabilizing hand held stuff that I can just chuck in my bag rather than dragging around fluid head monopods/tripods for the stuff I tend to shoot with my GH4.

This is first go, it works surprisingly well, just bent the legs so I had contact with my body and use the ball head to angle the camera and held the camera. It can still stay stable if I want to have one hand on the variable nd filter to tweak it gently and one properly holding the camera.

Also has the nice side effect that if I do need to put the camera down in that sort of dusty environment I can just bend the legs to make a quick tripod and keep it off the floor.